terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Vision 3

Later, one Easter Sunday, I had gone to God; and he embraced me in my interior senses and took me away in spirit. He brought me before the Countenance of the Holy Spirit, who possesses the Father and the Son in one Essence. And from the total Being of that Countenance I received all understanding, and thus I read all my judgements. A voice issuing from thsi Countenance resounded so fearfully that it made itself heard above everything. And it said to me: ''Behold, ancient one, you have called me and sought me, what and who I, Love, am, myriads of years before the birth of man! See and receive my Spirit! With regard to all things, know what I, Love, am in them! And when you fully bring me yourself, as pure humanity in myself, through all the ways of the perfect Love, you shall have fruition of me as the Love who I am. Until tat day, you shall love what I, Love, am. And then, you will be love, as I am Love. And you shall not live less than what I, Love, am, from that day until the death that will make you alive. In my unity, you have received me and I have received you. Go forth, and live what I am; and return bringing me full divinity, and have fruition of me as who I am.''
Then I returned into myself, and I understood all I have just said; and I remained to gaze fixedly upon my delightful sweet Love.

Hadewijch de Antuérpia
trad. Columba Hart
Visions in The Complete Works
1980, ed. Paulist Press
pintura atribuída a Robert Campin

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