terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

Letter 15 (fragmento)

Nine things are needful for a pilgrim who has far to travel. First, he must ask the way. Second, he must choose good companions. Third, he must guard against thieves. Forth, he must guard against excess. Fifth, he must hitch up his clothes and belt them in fast. Sixth, as he climbs the mountains, he must stoop. Seventh, as he comes downhill, he must walk upright. Eighth, he must ask for good men's prayers. Nineth, he must be glad to talk about God.
So it is with our spiritual pilgrimage, in wich we must seek God's kingdom and His righteousness in the perfect works of Love.

Hadewijch de Antuérpia
trad. Eric Colledge
Mediaeval Netherlands Religious Literature
1965,  Sythoff Leyden/ Heinemann London
pintura de Edward Burne-Jones

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