quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2008

big brother

They bang,
They drown,
They look for the man
They run, they hide,
they search fraternize
They crawl,
They bite,
They rise despite
They beam,
They feel,
They fight, big brother

They meet billionaires,
jump upon favours
React, silent, slowly, believe
They catch, arrest,
crumble, tonight
They dry, they dye,
withdraw, grave full

Won't you beat me please
Hope you feel some relief
Find you knocking, knocking on the past
In your gloomy dreams
Sure of dying away

They suck,
They seek,
drop full and tick
They scape
trough the tunnel,
satisfied, moralized
They drug,
They doubt,
gnawing a mankind
They kill,
They still
big brother

Hide and
run fast,
got no time
to rest

That guy, long hair,
tough boots, danger
Communist, terrorist,
enemy, nigger
Kill the beast,
rest in peace,
loved God,
pull the trigger

Won't you shoot me
Blame it on me
For the fact that you
Cannot avoid
Feeling me
Sure of dying away

MIGUEL GUEDES, para "TRIGGER", Blind Zero, 1995
Imagem: "O Crítico de Arte" de RAOUL HAUSMANN, 1919

IMPORTANTE: Peço desculpa pelo José Figueiras estar a falar no início do vídeo linkado. O que interessa é a música

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